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Alpine Recovery Center provides high quality addiction and mental health treatment for people with Medicaid in Colorado. Our programs are led by experienced therapists who create personalized treatment plans for each person. We know community is essential for long-term recovery and welcome family and friends into the treatment process and provide life-long recovery support with our Alumni Program.

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About Alpine Recovery Center

Alpine Recovery Center provides Medicaid recipients in Colorado with high-quality care for addiction, mental health, and trauma. We provide the same high-quality care as other addiction centers that only accept private insurance or offer expensive self-pay options. We believe in knowing and doing what’s right and that EVERY human being deserves access to high-quality care regardless of their financial resources. We developed programs with robust case management and recovery support services to remove barriers to treatment and meet people where they are. We address the economic and social conditions that impact success in treatment like housing, transportation, employment, educational support, and more. We create a safe space for healing addiction, mental health, and trauma by building connections to learn and grow together.

Client Success Stories

Brian’s Recovery

Jamie’s Recovery

Kat’s Recovery

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