Is my Wife an Alcoholic Quiz Results

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Is my Wife an Alcoholic Quiz Results

Welcome to the quiz results of the assessment titled “Is my Wife an alcoholic?” This quiz aims to provide insights into the alcohol consumption patterns of your wife and evaluate whether her drinking habits might indicate problematic behavior. Please remember that this quiz is not a substitute for professional advice or diagnosis. Its purpose is to encourage open reflection and further discussion regarding alcohol consumption within your relationship. Let’s explore the results together.

How frequently does your wife consume alcohol?

a) Rarely or never – 0 points

b) Occasionally (once a month or less) – 1 point

c) Regularly (2-3 times a month) – 2 points

d) Frequently (weekly or more) – 3 points

How many drinks does your wife typically have per drinking occasion?

a) 1-2 drinks – 0 points

b) 3-4 drinks – 1 point

c) 5-6 drinks – 2 points

d) 7 or more drinks – 3 points

Does your wife exhibit signs of alcohol cravings or a strong desire to drink?

a) No, she rarely expresses a craving for alcohol – 0 points

b) Sometimes, but it’s not a significant issue – 1 point

c) Yes, she frequently expresses a strong desire to drink – 2 points

d) I’m not sure – 0 points

Have you noticed a change in your wife’s behavior or mood when she drinks?

a) No, her behavior and mood remain relatively stable – 0 points

b) Occasionally, she may become more talkative or relaxed – 1 point

c) Yes, she becomes noticeably different and unpredictable – 2 points

d) I’m not sure – 0 points

Has your wife’s alcohol consumption affected her work, family, or social responsibilities?

a) No, she manages her responsibilities well regardless of drinking – 0 points

b) Occasionally, her alcohol use has interfered with her obligations – 1 point

c) Yes, her alcohol consumption has had a significant negative impact – 2 points

d) I’m not sure – 0 points

Has your wife tried to quit or cut back on drinking but been unsuccessful?

a) No, she has never attempted to quit or cut back on drinking – 0 points

b) Yes, but she hasn’t had much success in reducing her alcohol intake – 2 points

c) No, she has successfully quit or cut back on drinking when she wanted to – 0 points

d) I’m not sure – 0 points

Have you noticed any physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal when your wife stops drinking?

a) No, she does not experience any noticeable physical symptoms – 0 points

b) Occasionally, she may experience mild discomfort or irritability – 1 point

c) Yes, she exhibits significant physical symptoms when she stops drinking – 2 points

d) I’m not sure – 0 points

The total score will help provide an initial indication of the risk of alcohol dependency:

  • 0 to 3 points: Low risk
  • 4 to 8 points: Moderate risk
  • 9 to 14 points: High risk

Please note that this scoring system is a general guide, and a professional assessment from a healthcare provider or addiction specialist is recommended for an accurate evaluation. The quiz results should not be considered a definitive diagnosis, but rather a prompt for further evaluation and seeking appropriate professional assistance.

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