One of the most important aspects of recovery involves developing a safe and reliable recovery support network. It’s common for people struggling with addiction to isolate and withdraw from their friends and family. Alpine Recovery Alumni Program is designed to change that and provide community, connection, and purpose with a network of like-minded people you don’t have to wait until you graduate. All facets of the Aftercare Rehab Program are available to you as soon as you walk in the door because we believe it is never too early to start building your community. You will learn from peers who faced the same obstacles you have, and your experiences will help them stay clean and sober as well. And it’s fun!

Get the help you need at no cost to you with Colorado Medicaid coverage.

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Alpine Recovery Alumni give back to the greater community and find a sense of purpose by helping those just starting their recovery journey.

Our Alumni program is a key part of the recovery process. Our goal is to help each individual in early recovery learn how to live a healthy, productive life. We provide support, camaraderie, and sober fun with like-minded people because community is essential to recovery. Belonging to a community of people in recovery makes it easier to maintain your sobriety. Statistics show that alumni program after addiction treatment significantly increases the chances of holding onto sobriety. Volunteering, learning, and socializing with fellow alumni and current clients is a crucial part of life after treatment.

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