What is a Day IOP Program?

A Day IOP experience provides up to 60 days of treatment for adults suffering from mental health, complex trauma, and substance use disorders. Our Colorado addiction programs are based on need, and a stay might be shorter or a little longer.

We believe that mental health treatment, trauma, and family are the root of recovery, or work toward healing these systems to provide each person with the tools they need to grow and sustain long-term recovery.

Daytime Intensive Outpatient Program (Day IOP)

Day IOP provides 15 hours of group therapy each week as well as individual sessions with a licensed therapist. This stage of treatment builds the foundation for recovery. We also connect people with case management team and our alumni coordinator for added support.

• 3 hours of group therapy per day, 5 days per Week
• Weekly individual therapy for addiction, mental health & trauma
• Medication-assisted treatment
• Lifetime community support with our Alumni Program
• In-person treatment in Fort Collins and Lakewood on online

Day IOP Program - Alpine Recovery

Get the help you need at no cost to you with Colorado Medicaid coverage.

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Alpine Recovery Center is an established addiction center accepting Medicaid. We address alcohol abuse while actively working toward evaluating and understanding underlying causes of alcohol abuse, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. We have highly trained staff members, therapists, and addiction specialists that work to identify the root causes of addiction to help individuals and family members find long-term recovery.

We offer online and in-person substance abuse treatment for adults covered by Medicaid Alcohol Rehab Colorado. We work hard to ensure you achieve sobriety and success in your journey.

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