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Searching for rehabilitation services can be scary and confusing. If you or a loved one are contemplating rehab treatment for drugs and alcohol, knowing where to begin can be difficult. There are several treatment options and rehab facilities in the state of Colorado that offers rehab without insurance.

Beyond Colorado, there are hundreds of available treatment options within the United States. Finding the correct rehabilitation facility and methods is a large and daunting task. Locating the best is critical for engaging in rehabilitation services. Financially sound treatment is also important to consider. This may include having to navigate insurance as well.

Unfortunately, not all rehabilitation services are covered under all insurance plans. Knowing your rehab needs and maintaining financial stability can be challenging. Thankfully, there are several treatment methods that are available with or without insurance coverage.

Rehab Without Insurance

Choosing Drug Rehab Treatments

Finding effective treatments for drug and alcohol rehab is crucial for successful rehabilitation services. There are many safe and effective treatments available across the state of Colorado. These treatments can range from community support groups to inpatient rehab services. Some services are free and do not require insurance or out-of-pocket costs. Other services may be quite expensive and having insurance coverage is important for these treatment methods. Understanding your own rehab needs is important when considering which rehabilitation programs may be the best fit. The best fit of treatment often turns into success.

Effective Drug Rehab Treatment Options

Several drug and alcohol rehab treatment options are available throughout the state of Colorado. AspenRidge can provide many of these services throughout their locations in the Denver area. If you are interested in learning more about these options? AspenRidge is available to discuss your needs.

Community Support Groups

  •         Alcoholics Anonymous
  •         Al-Anon
  •         Alateen

Outpatient Clinical Services

  •         AODA Psychotherapy
  •         Mental Health Psychotherapy
  •         Group Counseling

Clinical Rehab Services

  •         Partial Hospitalization Programs
  •         Medication Assisted Treatment
  •         Detox Programs

Drug Rehab Without Insurance

Finding the correct drug rehab without insurance program or treatment service is important. Financial struggles are a common reason many do not seek out treatment for alcohol or other drug treatment. If you are looking for rehab without insurance, there are still options available. Some options include government programs that may provide financial aid or support for receiving drug treatment. Other options include community services and free support groups within your community.

Common low cost or free treatment options include:

  •         AODA Support Groups (Example: Alcoholics Anonymous)
  •         Sponsorships
  •         Outpatient medication options from a primary care provider (Example: Naltrexone, Disulfiram)
  •         Community Health Facilities (Examples: Gyms, YMCA, Church)
  •         Free Clinics

Alternative options are available but may be available at a higher cost. These services might include:

Cost of Rehab Without Insurance

Cost of Rehab

The cost of rehab without insurance range drastically. Services can range from $0 to well over 10s of thousands of dollars. Therefore finding the correct fit for treatment services is important. The average cost of inpatient rehab services is approximately $700-$800 per day. Many inpatient treatment programs may last for a minimum of 30 days. This places the overall cost of a 30-day inpatient treatment service at roughly $23,000 per month. The cost of inpatient rehab is difficult to pay for without insurance options. Thankfully, there are many insurance options available through government programs for which one can apply for. These options often are affordable and can adjust based on social economic status. Speaking with AspenRidge or with your primary care provider can help guide you in the correct direction towards affordable healthcare. Common health insurance options available may include:

  •         Medicare
  •         Medicaid
  •         Obamacare (

Community Treatment Options

If obtaining insurance or financial aid is not available, there are less expensive options within many communities that are highly effective. These community services are often available through community government centers and the local Department of Health and Human Services. These services are highly effective and are directed towards individuals who may have additional financial hurdles to consider. These services may be able to provider effective rehabilitation services. Common services available through local government programs include:

  •         Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC)
  •         Community Support Programs (CSP)
  •         Wraparound Services

The Next Steps for Addiction Treatment No Insurance

Medication Treatment Options Without Insurance

Outpatient and community support groups can provide effective rehabilitation services, however there may be a need for medication-assisted treatments. These medications are helpful as they can curb cravings, reduce chance for relapse and increase the success rate of other outpatient/inpatient services. If you are seeking medication options and do not have insurance available, there are more cost-effective medications available. These cost-effective medications can be prescribed by a primary care physician and are available through self-pay at a reduced rate:

  •         Craving Support Medications (Example: Naltrexone)
  •         Alcohol/Drug Deterrent Medications (Example: Disulfiram)
  •         Antidepressants (Example: Lexapro, Prozac, Sertraline)
  •         Anxiolytics (Example: Bupropion, Buspirone)
  •         Impulse Control Medications (Example: Methylphenidate)

When considering these medications, it is important to schedule an appointment with a physician to have safe medication monitoring available throughout. Some of these medications may increase risk for potential abuse of these medications. If polysubstance use disorder is present, extra precautions may be necessary.

The Next Steps for Addiction Treatment No Insurance

Taking the next steps can be a difficult decision. There are many things to consider when seeking out addiction treatment no insurance options. Staff at AspenRidge are available to help address any insurance questions and provide clarification on how rehab without insurance works.

AspenRidge can help provide resources for their highly effective inpatient rehabilitation model and outpatient rehabilitation services. AspenRidge offers many options to fit your financial needs. These options include a 30-day partial hospitalization program, 60-day intensive outpatient day program, even rehabilitation programs, and outpatient services.

If you are curious how AspenRidge can help, you can complete an alcohol quiz to find more about. A trained professional will be in contact with you about treatment options and can verify insurance. If insurance is unavailable, staff can help provide guidance for affordable care options. Contact us today at 720-704-2883 for this and more!

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