Medicaid Substance Abuse Coverage | Alpine Recovery Center
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Medicaid Substance Abuse Coverage

A study by WalletHub in 2019 ranked Colorado as 9th in the US in terms of the highest rates of substance abuse cases and the most people needing addiction treatment and did not receive it. In short, Denver has a serious alcohol abuse problem. If…
Colorado Outpatient Rehab That Accepts Medicaid | Alpine Recovery
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Colorado Outpatient Rehab That Accepts Medicaid

It’s easy to ‘judge’ people with an addiction, but at the core of it is a mental disorder. Developing unhealthy drinking habits can progress into an addiction known by medical professionals as Substance Use Disorder (SUD). While the disease…
Rehab Without Insurance | Cost of Rehab | Alpine Recovery Center
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Rehab Without Insurance

Searching for rehabilitation services can be scary and confusing. If you or a loved one are contemplating rehab treatment for drugs and alcohol, knowing where to begin can be difficult. There are several treatment options and rehab facilities…
Medicaid Alcohol Rehab Colorado | Alpine Recovery Center
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Medicaid Alcohol Rehab Colorado

Some of the most famous, and funny alcohol-related slogans you have probably heard include; ‘Great story baby, now get me a beer,’  ‘Why limit my happiness to just one hour?’ ‘I never get drunk, I get awesome!’ ‘I’m…
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