We are dedicated to using a systems approach to serving our clients and their families. We treat addictions, mental health, and trauma from a system perspective which means that the integration of family presence into the treatment experience is key. Life is a collaborative process, and we recognize that no one is an island. By honoring this truth, we find that by offering a parallel service to the family while the individual is in treatment, we create an intersection of understanding for all impacted by the addictions, mental health, and trauma that has taken place in the system. Discover supportive systems with our family rehab program.

When treating addiction, we are helping people live without something, when treating mental health, we are helping people accept living with something, and in treating trauma we align the two. Family members need to understand and receive support just like the individual does to have alignment when they reunite and continue their journey. Families are families for life. How those families function varies, and our goal is to give the foundational tools to support a commitment from all members of the family to adjust toward living a better life as a family system.

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What is a Family Program?


The identified family members will receive an initial assessment to determine the clinical necessity for the family system. Upon Intake the family services team will contact the family members and administer the Core Support Questionnaire assessment.


Individual family rehab program sessions will be offered with the entire family system to develop skills in communication, boundaries, identifying family roles, and forgiveness to move the family into a place of reintegration. PHP clients will receive family services once a week. IOP clients twice a month and OP clients will be referred to a community provider. Part of a client’s IOP discharge plan will be to join the therapy that has been set up for the family.


Families will be offered referrals for individual therapy or family system work with a long-term commitment through some light triage services. Our family services team will work with our Outreach team to find support services for family members in their community.


This family rehab program group will provide family members a forum in which to gather and learn about addiction, mental health, and trauma in the same way the individual is in his or her treatment episode. This gives family members the knowledge and understanding to relate to the individual and form an intersection of connection for healing. Family members also receive an opportunity to connect and process what their experience as a family member has been like living with the individual. The group experience will help to normalize and create community and demystify their experience. Sickness lives in secrets and healing comes in sharing. The families can share their experiences and learn new ways to respond to the individual that honors both the family and the individual. This supports the family members and the individual to become “bi-lingual” and speak the same language when sharing their experiences from different angles. This group will meet once a week for two hours. Segments of the group will be designed to educate the families and then give them an opportunity to process what they’ve learned, ask questions and share their experience.


Addiction and Mental health treatment aren’t one-size-fits-all. We offer a continuum of care focused on transitioning each person through our various levels of care. Clients are not required to start or end at a certain point in the treatment process. Our clinicians assess each person and then make an informed recommendation of what level of care is needed. We work with the individual, the insurance providers and families to determine which treatment plan will provide the best possible outcome. We offer up to a year of continuous treatment for mental health, trauma and addiction and a lifetime of recovery support services.

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