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To this day, marijuana is the most widely used of all drugs that are banned at the federal level in the United States. Over 49 million users (or over 18% of Americans aged 12 or older) said they used it in 2020.7 5.1% of the population (about 14.2 million people) suffered from marijuana use disorder in 2020.

Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of chronic marijuana use because their brains are still maturing, and the areas responsible for learning, memory, decision-making, and emotion are negatively impacted.

Marijuana usage is increasing across all adult age groups, sexes, and pregnancy stages, with the highest rates among persons aged 18–25, according to a 2022 study from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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Marijuana Treatment Without Insurance

Does Colorado Medicaid Cover Medical Marijuana?

Colorado Medicaid insurance does not cover payment for medical marijuana. This is because marijuana is an illegal drug at all levels.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Those without health insurance or inadequate coverage may struggle to afford the high cost of addiction treatment. Unfortunately, many persons needing substance misuse treatment are prevented from receiving it because they lack the resources to pay for it. There are various options for people needing marijuana treatment without insurance.

Unfortunately, some individuals may avoid getting help for their addiction because they are unsure how to pay for drug rehab without insurance. It’s natural to wonder, “Can I go to rehab if I don’t have health insurance?” or “Can I go through drug or alcohol detox without medical coverage?” Even though it can be difficult to come up with the money to pay for alcohol rehab or drug addiction treatment if you don’t have insurance, you must get help as soon as possible if you’re experiencing severe symptoms.

Overdose, suicidal ideation, and other medical issues caused by substance abuse are acute conditions (where help should be sought promptly). If you or a loved one are in desperate need of substance abuse recovery but lack the means to pay for it, options are still available.

Call 911 or head to the nearest hospital’s emergency room if it’s an emergency. Prioritize life support measures before worrying about medical costs. Once the immediate danger has subsided, hospital administrative staff can put you in touch with other resources that can help.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Why is Rehab Important?

Individuals battling with marijuana dependence would benefit from obtaining help. For those battling an addiction to cannabis, rehabilitation is the process of receiving treatment. The treatment consists of a variety of therapeutic approaches combined with medical interventions.

About 20 million people, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in 2015. Substance abuse in its many forms led to the need for treatment. Those who undergo this treatment have a better chance of coping with and eventually overcoming the disease.

What to Expect From Addiction Rehab Programs

The first step toward recovery is admitting that there is a problem and you could need some assistance. It is possible to beat a habit of marijuana with the help of rehabilitation services. Although a wide variety of treatment programs are available, they all share a common goal: to help those battling addiction.

The process of overcoming an addiction is not a quick fix. You’re looking at a minimum of 90 days for treatment and recuperation. Most addiction treatment centers will require the following data from individuals dealing with substance abuse:

  • Family history
  • Type of substance
  • Details about physical health
  • Details about mental health

Free Marijuana Rehab

While the specifics vary from state to state, persons without health insurance who need drug or alcohol rehabilitation services sometimes have access to state-funded or otherwise inexpensive or even free services. A Google search is another option for locating facilities that treat substance abuse disorders in Colorado without the need for private payment.

Get free or low-cost mental health and substance abuse services in Colorado by entering your county, or city. Look up a local crisis hotline and give them a call if you’re experiencing a crisis that isn’t an emergency, such as acute withdrawal symptoms, thoughts of relapsing, or any other condition where that you feel may result in a fatal reaction.

You should give the credibility of any treatment-related information you find online serious consideration. A listing of treatment resources hosted on a .gov domain, for instance, may be more reliable than one hosted on If you need referrals or additional information, you may always call your local community resource center.

What to Expect From Addiction Rehab Programs

How Do I Get Rehab Without Insurance?

If you want the best possible care, therapy, and resources, anyone you go to for help has to know as much as possible about your situation. For instance, specific groups may access programs and materials designed just for them. If you meet certain criteria, you may be eligible for specialized programs or faster access to services.

These include if you:

  • Have not yet reached the age of eighteen.
  • Are 65 and up.
  • Are pregnant
  • Are homeless.
  • Are experiencing life-threatening medical issues.

Get Help From Alpine Recovery Centre Today

The Alpine Recovery Centre is one of the Medicaid-accepting rehabs in Colorado. People with a marijuana addiction who have Medicaid can access the centers’ treatment services. Substance misuse is not the only issue addressed at Alpine Recovery Centre. To combat substance abuse, they instead focus on the fundamental roots of the problem.

Alpine Recovery Centre’s mission is to provide quality care, like our marijuana treatment without insurance. Please call us at 720-605-7203 for more information about our addiction treatment services and Medicaid insurance options.

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